Personal & Business Branding Photographer in Columbia, SC

People want to connect with you so they can trust the name behind your brand.

The best way to do that is through captivating images that showcase your personality and draw in your prospective clients.

People don’t buy goods & things…they buy experiences, connections & stories

Connection with your ideal clients is everything. 

And today, social media and the Internet make that more possible than ever. 

But reaching the masses can be hard with all the noise out there on the web, so connecting with your ideal client in an authentic way that makes them stop and take a second & third look is imperative.  

That’s where captivating images that portray your personality and allow you to connect with your ideal clients come into play.  

Why is personal brand photography important?

The simple answer is that images convert.  Potential customers and clients buy from people who they see as real and authentic.  And the best way to create an authentic personality online is to have images that create that message.  

My goal is to provide images to you that represent who you are and that really connect with your ideal potential and existing clients. That’s why I focus on natural expressions and strive to capture moments that showcase your personality and moments that make up your everyday life.

So nice to meet you!

Hi!  I’m Kate!

I love helping entrepreneurs connect with their ideal clients by creating captivating images that tell their unique story. 

I believe personal brand photography is a perfect tool to offer visual storytelling to ideal clients so that they can get to know, like and trust the person behind the message. 

The hard thing is that the media is saturated with messages from all different people, so how do you attempt to stand out among the noise?

While our minds are often saturated with the messages that are out there, one way to stand out among the competition and other vendors shouting their message is by storytelling with images.  Messaging is super important these days, and the more you can help your clients know like and trust you, the more likely they are to resonate with what you’re saying and purchase the services you have to offer. 

Visual storytelling is powerful.  Statistics say that you are likely to remember only 10% of a message told to you without visual media three days after the fact compared to remembering 65% if that same message is coupled with a picture.  It’s a way we can relate the message to something powerful we see. 

What you can expect

Does this sound like something that could benefit you and your business?  I’d love to talk to you about your thoughts and answer all your questions!  So what comes next?


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    3. If you decide we’re a great fit, we’ll sign an agreement and get all of the paperwork out of the way
    4. We’ll then set up a planning session
    5. Digital images are then delivered that connect with your ideal clients


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