Lexington Branding & Family Photographer

You've heard the old adage before - a picture is worth a thousand words. 

And perhaps that's why images mean so much to us - they create feelings and emotions in us that are otherwise hard to express.

The truth is, everyone has a story to tell.

Sharing your story is more than just creating images with smiles. It's looking deeper for connection and personality and then capturing those images that tell your unique story.

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“Oh, wow… these photographs are outstanding! Thank you thank you thank you!  You have, by far, exceeded our expectations. I’m so extremely glad I followed my friend’s recommendation! ” — Rachel

Hi, I'm Kate!

I’m so thrilled you’re here! I’m a photographer at heart, always looking for the genuine smile or look that’s inside of every person who comes before my lens. Based out of Lexington, SC (right outside of Columbia, SC), I aim to help brides feel their best on their wedding day, entrepreneurs feel confident to share the story that makes them who they are, and for families to be completely themselves in a raw, real sort of way. What are your passions and what’s most important to you about your images? I want to know so we can create photographs that mean something to you! It’s in the candid moments where the real magic happens – where your personality comes through and your images start to come to life!

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